Payment Behaviour Scoring is the key to more productive marketing

Are you accustomed to targeting B2C marketing efforts based on consumers' age, gender or location? With Payment Behaviour Scoring, you can enrich your marketing audiences in real time with an estimate of consumers' ability to pay. When acquiring your most valuable customers, ability to pay plays a critical role. By taking advantage of Payment Behaviour Scoring as part of your online and offline marketing, you'll get an edge on the competition.

Each ad impression, click and telemarketing call costs money. With Payment Behaviour Scoring, you can focus advertising and sales efforts on consumers which will spend the most on your products and services. You'll see a clear boost in returns on marketing.

Taking advantage of Payment Behaviour Scoring is easy. We can enrich your existing customer lists with Payment Behaviour Scores or give access to our real-time API, which allows for instant results.

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What makes Payment Behaviour Scoring effective?

Payment Behaviour Scoring is based on actual payment transaction data, which is used to produce an accurate model of consumers' ability to pay. Payment Behaviour Scoring can be used to spot a consumer's reduced ability to pay even before traditional credit checks show signs of problems. Compared to typical models based on demographic studies or surveys, our solution has shown to be much more accurate.

We also care about our customers' security and privacy. We always use secure and approved channels to deliver Payment Behaviour Scoring results.

What information is needed for Payment Behaviour Scoring?

Payment Behaviour Scoring works using the consumer's name and address. Other details, such as phone number, email address, birth date and gender help enhance the accuracy of results. Payment Behavior Scoring associates each consumer with a number describing their ability to pay in the range from 0.00 to 10.00.

How much does Payment Behaviour Scoring cost?

Payment Behaviour Scoring has been designed to increase the profitability of your marketing efforts. It's is priced per check at a volume-dependent rate. Payment Behaviour Scoring is free to start using, just request a quote from us below.

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Typical use cases

Online marketing

Optimize online marketing based on consumers' ability to pay.

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Telemarketing lists and audiences

Telemarketing lists and audiences

Sort telemarketing lists by ability to pay and reach the best customers first.

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Online shopping personalization


Personalize online shopper experience based on their ability to pay.

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Direct marketing audiences

Direct marketing audiences

Intelligently target direct marketing efforts based on ability to pay.

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