Offer a personalized online shopping experience to boost sales

Payment Behaviour Scoring is a prediction of a consumer's ability to pay. Using our product, e-commerce sites can increase conversion and customer satisfaction by offering shoppers a more personalized experience.

Offer the right payment methods

Payment method options have a significant effect on online store conversion. By offering consumers payment methods that suit their ability to pay, sites can increase conversion by reducing cart abandonment due to unsuitable payment method options. Conversely, pre-emptively limiting payment method options can reduce payment method rejections due to lack of creditability.

Personalized product recommendations

Payment Behaviour Scoring strongly correlates with the price of goods and services purchased by consumers. Using Payment Behaviour Scoring, customers can receive targeted suggestions based on their ability to pay, driving more sales.

Find your most important customers

Payment Behaviour Scoring correlates with Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) at first purchase.

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